How to Plan a Wedding in Isolation

We’ve compiled some tips and ideas to help reignite your passion for wedding planning and utilise that extra time at home. We can’t change the disruption that Covid-19 has caused but we can promise to guide you through your wedding planning journey during these strange and surreal times. So here goes....

Pinterest Board your dream-wedding theme.

You’ve set the date for your wedding and have lots of ideas running through your mind, so why not keep them all safe in one place? Pinterest is key for saving all your dreamy wedding inspo. With an abundance of bridesmaid dresses, nail art, flowers, décor, colour schemes and more, it’s the perfect place to start piecing together your theme.

Our Pinterest boards have a great selection of seasonal trends to kick-start your virtual planning. 


Start your ‘Wedmin’ tasks.

Although this may seem like a task you want to leave until last, striking those pencil lines through your wedmin ‘to do’ list will give you a sense of achievement and that fist pump moment you’ve been in need of! You could start with mapping out your table plan, creating a wedding timeline for the order of the day, beginning your ‘save the date’ list or contacting friends and family to retrieve your RSVPs.

Alternatively, you can begin by simply touching base with your suppliers to see if there are any questions they need answering. While you’re at it, give your wedding coordinator a call to see what information they need in order to start piecing your wedding day together, the more detail they have, the better!

 (Greg, Fairyhill wedding team manager) 

Ask your venue for a virtual appointment

With most people now working from home, technology has become everyone’s new best friend! You’ll be pleased to know that even though you can’t meet them in person, you don’t have to compromise on your connections with your wedding coordinators! Why not ask to set up a video chat so you can recap the plans for your big day. You may need a little help in visualising your venue again, so pour yourself a cuppa and spend the afternoon watching their 360º virtual tours; where you can escape from your home and enter your wedding venue once again.


Break in your wedding shoes.

If you love a good Disney film, from the words of Cinderella, “One shoe can change your life”. Have you ever come home from a night out to find the throbbing sensation in your feet keeping you awake at night? Let’s not re-live that pain on your wedding day! Try wearing-in your wedding shoes around the house, this will help soften the edges of the shoes for when it comes to spending most of the day on your feet. (bonus – you’ll get your fitbit steps up too!) The last thing you are going to want to remember when you’re reminiscing over your perfect wedding day were your blistered toes (ouch). 


Practise your first dance.

Once you’ve started feeling confident in your shoes and your feet aren’t too sore, grab your significant other and practise your first dance in your worn-in shoes. Confidence is key when it comes to your first dance, and this is a moment you will remember for life. So, why not surprise your bride or groom with a romantic meal and finish the night off with a little step tap, step tap in your living room to your favourite song. 

(Fairyhill couple Carys and Ben, moment captured by Becky Welford Photography)  

Finally, enjoy and reflect on what truly matters.

Weddings are the affirmation of friends and family, and your planning shouldn’t have to be compromised due to the lockdown. Enjoy the planning stages, this is such an important day for you and your soul mate. Take each day as it comes. Remember, we will all need a celebration more than ever before when we are on the other side.

(Fairyhill couple Gemma and Cameron, moment captured by Richard Savage Photography) 

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