Sam & Clare’s Special Day: Our First K-Room wedding

After all of the preparation, earlier this year we were immensely proud to launch the K Room.

While the hard work that went into creating this world-class wedding venue made us feel like we’d reached an important milestone, the launch was simply the prologue of our kaleidoscopic story.

The first chapter began with the happy couple lucky enough to have their special day here.

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Introducing Sam & Clare

We’re sure they won’t mind saying this, but Sam & Clare’s story reads like the best possible rom-com/chick-flick!

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They first met in school, and were together when they were 13/14 years old, but then went their separate ways, Sam to Aberystwyth and Clare to Bristol.

10 years later, they rekindled the flame on a friend’s birthday night out.

After a romantic proposal at Worms Head, Rhossili, they both knew what they wanted from a luxury wedding venue; elegance, incredible grounds, attentive service, amazing food and drink, and a day they would never forget.

The K Room; a venue like no other

an image of the newly constructed K-Room, a wedding venue at Fairyhill

They found everything they were looking for at Fairyhill and can still remember their first reaction to our kaleidoscopic K Room.

“When we first walked into the K Room, we were totally blown away. We looked at each other and smiled from ear to ear, the knowing look when we realised we were weeks away from saying our vows in this spectacular room.”

An image of a bride and groom walking down a path near the newly constructed K-Room at Fairyhill

Sam & Clare’s Special Day

Sam and Clare were married on the 17th of March at Fairyhill.

We shared a stunning video of their wedding day…

But we thought we’d let them tell us in their own words just what it meant to be the first couple to get married in our state-of-the-art K Room.

How was the wedding day?

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“So where on earth do we start?!

“We want to say a HUGE HUGE thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with the most amazing day imaginable!! You all worked so so hard and we are eternally grateful.

An image of a bride and groom exchanging vows

“We feel like you were with us every step of the way and treated us like total VIPs.”

What stood out in particular?

An interior shot of the K-Room, Fairyhill, depicting rows of chairs and an alter in the background

“It was the little things that made a difference.

“We thoroughly enjoyed tucking into the plate of food from the buffet that you saved for us at 2am! And making sure we had a plate of canapés, you really do know the way to our hearts!

A room full of tables arranged for a wedding reception

“It really means a lot everything you've done for us.”

We’re starting to blush!

“You were also absolute perfectionists and so hard working. You put the final touches into making our day so perfect and it really did look amazing. You went above and beyond!

“Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making it fantastic (and for staying ridiculously late the night before to make sure everything was perfect, it certainly was noted and thank you so much!).”

How was the food?

A plate of wedding food

“Just wow! Those arancini (the best EVER!), that beef, that cheesecake, those canapés and that buffet!

“We have loved our meetings with you to discuss the food and that night of tasting was honestly one of the best nights we've had together! I couldn't even stop Sam licking the plate it was so good.

“Adding in the amuse-bouche and champagne sorbet to make it a five-course menu literally made us the happiest couple on this planet.”

You’re making us hungry now! Were you happy with the way it was organised?

“The team was incredible on the day, making sure everything ran smoothly and making sure the men were suitably ready for their speeches by plying them with shots!

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“Again, everyone went above and beyond to make sure both of us and all our guests were happy and make sure that everything was perfect! Thank you also for the long hours you worked on the day!”

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How were the staff at Fairyhill?

“They worked so hard and were smiley and lovely throughout the day.

“It was a breath of fresh air chatting to everyone and really helped to keep us calm.

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“We had spoken to the same people from the day that we started organising our wedding. The fact that these familiar faces were there on the morning of the wedding made everything so relaxed… especially when they greeted us with croissants in hand!

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“Our lovely driver not only picked up the boys in luxury but also took our uncle home and even managed to get the drunken ushers back to Mulberry House in one piece. Truly a job well done!”

Any final thoughts?

“Ultimately, we are so eternally grateful to everyone that has been a part of our day.

“There are so many people to thank that we would be here all day if we mentioned everyone.

An image of a bride and groom holding eachother

“Thank you for all of your attentiveness, hard work and long hours. We will literally treasure this day forever, we feel like you are now our friends and we feel sad that we have had to say goodbye! But all good things must come to an end.

“Thank you all for giving us truly the best day of our lives!”


It always gives us so much pleasure to help our brides and grooms experience their dream wedding at Fairyhill. But it makes it even more worthwhile when they tell us for themselves.

Sam and Clare were the first people to experience their wedding in our stunning K Room. If you want to see it for yourself, come to our next wedding showcase or book a private tour.

And hopefully, we’ll be sharing your thoughts on your special day.


Photography by Michelle Huggleston.

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