Weddings are back!

On Sunday 9th August, our sister venue Oldwalls Gower hosted one of the first weddings in Wales since lockdown restrictions were eased. Ryan and Sarah, were determined to get married at Oldwalls with 30 of their closest family and friends.

Socially distant wedding at Oldwalls Gower

Against all odds, our happy couple jumped through hoops to make it happen, and so did we. Working with the current guidelines, we set the gears in motion to make their special day happen. This marks a significant step in the right direction for couples hoping to tie the knot this year. 

Socially distant wedding at Oldwalls Gower

Sarah, the bride said: “My father kept telling me ‘keep believing’ we’re going to make it happen and while it wasn’t quite the wedding I envisaged when I booked last year it was in some ways more special. We had to cut the guest list to just super close friends and family and we all appreciated it so much more. It was the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family back together again and it was so nice seeing my nearest and dearest again, most of whom I haven’t seen in months! It just felt ‘right’, I think a bigger party might have been overwhelming anyway. It was the most perfect day and we can’t thank Oldwalls enough for making it happen. ”

Socially distant wedding at Oldwalls Gower

More importantly, we thank Ryan and Sarah for encouraging us to return and do what we do best, deliver dream weddings. Their determination to get married was a real inspiration for our staff and for future couples too. They are testament that you don’t ‘have to wait’, thanks to the Welsh government there are now options available for those willing to adjust their wedding vision in order to not miss the chance of marrying ‘their love’ this Summer or Autumn.  

The groom, added: “Sarah is pregnant and has been so unwell recently, last week she was released from hospital after spending 8 days at The Heath with suspected bleeding on the brain. This combined with lockdown, has made us both realise how much we appreciate and love each other and all that matters to us is being husband and wife so we were prepared to jump through every hoop to make it happen, including a very difficult cull of the guest list! We chose Oldwalls Gower as we think its one of the most beautiful locations in Wales.” 

Andrew Hole, Managing Director of the Oldwalls Collection said: “When we had to close our doors in March we didn’t consider in our wildest thoughts that we’d still be closed in August. For over a decade we have been delivering dream weddings and today feels like a dream to be honest, we’re so grateful to be getting back to doing what we love, albeit on a smaller scale for the time-being. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Quantick, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Socially distant wedding at Oldwalls Gower

We plan to come back stronger than ever before to deliver your dream wedding, because now more than ever, the love, unity and celebration of a wedding is appreciated.

In this fast moving picture, we cannot thank our couples enough for being so loyal, patience and above all else, believing in us.

Our wedding teams will be welcoming September and October couples this week at the venues for their consultation meetings following the latest developments, ultimately our goal is to offer our couples the opportunity to say ‘I do’ and make it as special as possible.

The Welsh Government are expected to announce further plans on the future of weddings in Wales this Friday 14thAugust.

Intimate weddings at Oldwalls Gower

Here’s to new beginnings.  We are weddings. We are the Oldwalls Collection.

Image Credit: Lewis Fackrell Photography 

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